Modalities for Participation

3rd International Conference on Bilingual Education

Modalities for Participation

The organization of this Conference has established three modalities for participation:

  1. Plenary Presentations.

  2. Communications/papers delivered by researchers who present the results of their studies according to the 3 thematic lines of the Conference: A. Teaching and learning: new methodologies and resources. B. Intercultural education. C. Implementing bilingual programmes. The Scientific Committee of this Conference will evaluate and select a maximum of 10 proposals that will be published by the International Journal for 21st Century Education (second semester 2018). A monograph will also by published. Paper types will be divided into the following categories:

      • Oral Communications: 15 minutes + debate

      • Virtual Communications: There is one session allocated in the Conference Programme to present hrough video-conference and organized according to the thematic lines.

  3. Guest Symposia. Every symposium will be 90 minutes, and it will host between 4 and 6 communications each plus a debate. Their design will be purposefully focused on the development of a common topic. The coordinator (main speaker of the symposium) will present a general abstract and the participants (whose abstracts will be submitted to the Conference organizers by the coordinator).

This Conference also allows only-attendance.