Thematic Areas

3rd International Conference on Bilingual Education

Thematic Areas

Three main topics have been established for the Conference. The Scientific Committee may define others (if necessary) regarding the proposals received. These three topics (with corresponding sub-topics) are:

    1. Teaching and learning: methods and resources

        • CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)

        • Second language acquisition

        • Developing national language resources

        • The learner factors within bilingual contexts

        • Enabling speakers to learn a second language

        • CALL (Computer-Assisted Language Learning) and TELL (Technology Enhanced Language Learning)

        • Second Language Assessment

    2. Intercultural education

        • Acculturating immigrants

        • Preserving minority groups and languages

        • Fostering otherness and global mindedness

        • Intercultural education policies

        • Curricular theories, models and approaches

    3. Implementing bilingual programmes

        • International, national and local educational policies

        • Educational norms within specific contexts

        • Teacher education


The key ideas and the procedures to be followed in the different participation options of the Conference, as well as the requirements for posters and online communications, can be found on the ‘Abstracts and Publications’ section.


Abstracts and Publications